Join us in the fight against prostate cancer.

The David H. Nickerson Foundation was launched in 2008 by his eldest son, Steven Cash Nickerson, to increase awareness, screening and to raise money for those working to find a cure for prostate cancer. Cash was deeply moved and in anguish as the cancer, originating in his father's prostate gland, overcame the strength and courage of this man.

In those days there was little information about how early detection of cancer dramatically improved the odds of a complete cure. This is the one of the reasons for the foundation. As Cash says, "There was a time when we didn't feel comfortable talking about any cancer. I grew up watching anti-smoking campaigns on TV and it appears that effort have substantially reduced smoking and lung cancer.....more

A Letter from Steven Cash Nickerson, Founder of the David H. Nickerson Prostate Cancer Foundation

My father was an early casualty of prostate cancer, a disease that afflicts one out of six men in their lifetime. He was diagnosed far too late to be cured of the disease. And yet, the disease is treatable and curable if it is caught early. Unfortunately for my father and our family, back in the early 1990’s there was not significant awareness of the disease, PSA tests were not common, men did not discuss it and people died from it. Some progress has been made since then, but we have a long way to go.

Cash Nickerson

Cash chipping out of the rough at the Zurich Charity Classic - Renaissance Club, Scotland.


There was a time when we didn't’t feel comfortable talking about any cancer. I grew up watching anti-smoking campaigns on TV and it appears that effort has substantially reduced smoking and lung cancer. And now I have watched with impressive interest as breast cancer awareness and screening has become commonplace and I credit organizations like Susan G. Komen for raising awareness and increasing screening among women.

We men are behind if you compare prostate cancer and breast cancer awareness and screening. The purpose of this foundation is to increase awareness, increase screening and donate money to those that are working to find a cure for prostate cancer. While I can’t bring my father back, maybe we can save the lives of other fathers. Thanks for your interest in our initiative.

*The David's Cure Challenge was formerly known as Par For The Cure.

Thank You for Supporting David's Cure Challenge 2012 - Gerald L. Andriole, M.D.

I am writing to thank Cash and Evie for the support they have provided to the Division of Urologic Surgery through the David H. Nickerson Foundation and David’s Cure Challenge Golf Tournament. Their support has been instrumental in allowing us to develop our research portfolio for men with prostate cancer.  Over the past few years we have devoted considerable resources to our work with the Genome Sequencing Center.  Their support has allowed us to sequence the genome of patients with prostate cancer and to identify mutations found in these patients.  The goal of these projects is to enable us to develop specific therapies targeted for a specific genetic mutation.  We now have an adequate number of patients and controls to see this work come to fruition. the full letter...

The David H. Nickerson Story

On May 1st 1996, David Nickerson lost a 4 year war with prostate cancer.  He had overcome many significant challenges in his life.  But he would be uncomfortable to hear any of that celebrated.  You see for him it was never about Dave, it was always about others.

David H Nickerson

David H. Nickerson

Even as he lay on his deathbed, crippled by this terrible disease and the havoc it wrought, as visitors came he asked them all the same question: "What can I do for YOU?" ...more

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer found in American men, other than skin cancer and it is the second leading cause of cancer death in men. Lung cancer is the first. One man in 6 will get prostate cancer during his lifetime, and 1 man in 35 will die of this disease. ...more

"Our team was honored to have won the first Par For The Cure charity tournament. It was a special event for me personally because my father had also been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Fortunately it was found early on and put into remission. Hopefully through charity events such as Par For The Cure more individuals will be made aware of this diseases, promote the need for early detection and help find a cure."
Rick Vogel - 2009 Champions - Team Leader